The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) is the leading body for professional risk management.
Wconsulting, together with IRM seeks to help build excellence in enterprise risk management to improve the way organisations perform and to improve on risk reporting.

The Fundamentals of Risk Management (FoRM) course is the IRM's most popular and well-known course. Delivered over two days in an interactive and hands-on style,
it provides a comprehensive introduction to enterprise risk management based on ISO 31000 and other frameworks including COSO.
Participants leave the course equipped with new tools and techniques, and the confidence to put them into practice.
Wconsulting is the only accredited FoRM provider in South Africa and Mauritius and is offering you the opportunity to attend a world class training experience at a fraction of the price.

This two day course covers the fundamentals of enterprise risk management in a fast-paced, interactive environment. You will learn about the theory and practice of risk management in-line with the ISO 31000 framework, using case studies and current affairs to bring material to life. On completion of this course expect to have a solid understanding of how effective risk management can benefit your organisation.

Who should take this course
  • Anyone new to risk or wishing to enter the risk profession
  • Executives, Professionals and Heads of Departments to understand risk management and the role it should play within their organisations
  • Risk management practitioners of all levels requiring a refresher on recent developments in risk management
  • Students studying IRM qualifications

Benefits of attending
  • 10% off IRM academic qualifications: the International Certificate in Risk Management (including financial services)
  • Accredited certificate at the end of the session
  • Free affiliate membership to the IRM

Learning Objectives
  • Organisational performance: How risk management can assist organisations to achieve their objectives and optimise decision making.
  • Governance and sustainability: The benefits of risk management and its relationship with governance, assurance, and sustainability.
  • Internal and external risk exposure: The types of risk faced by an organisation and the concepts of positive and negative risk.
  • ISO 31000: Risk management principles, framework and processes.
  • Culture: The importance of culture, communication, and behaviour in an effective risk management structure.
  • Maturity: How to assess your organisation's risk maturity and identify where improvements can be made.
  • Workshops: Facilitation techniques to make your risk workshops interactive, efficient, and effective.
  • Assessment: Assessing risk and selecting appropriate actions and controls using key tools, such as risk registers, risk bow-ties, and risk matrices.
  • Communication: How to communicate risks to all levels of your organisation, and to external stakeholders.
  • Appetite and tolerance: How to determine your organisation's appetite and tolerance for risk.
Cost R6000 excl VAT p/p

Regulatory requirements including KING IV and commercial awareness of the need to be risk-resilient means more organisations are strengthening their own risk expertise. From in-house and board-level training, to eLearning and webcasts, helps organisations support a robust risk culture and a workforce equipped with the knowledge and tools to manage today's risks.

Benefits of in-house training
  • Consultation - We spend time with you to identify and assess your specific training requirements. This time with you ensures we develop a course that meets all of your objectives.
  • IRM Approved Trainers - all our trainers are experts in their field, have a wealth of practical experience and are IRM members.
  • Cost effective - We can often charge a lower delegate rate, particularly if we deliver the course at your premises. You will also save on the time and cost of delegate travel.
  • Flexible - We work with you to ensure courses are structured and delivered to meet your organisationís culture and work priorities.

In-house training options
  • Bespoke- We work with you to develop and deliver bespoke training courses to meet all your objectives. We develop the course and reference materials which can be delivered on a rolling basis or as a unique event, depending on your requirements.
  • Tailored - One of our courses already meets the majority of your needs, but requires specific tailoring for a particular group of employees or client base to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Standard - Your requirements are already met by one of our accredited courses, but you would prefer the course to be run in-house for a number of people.
Cost R80000.00 excl VAT Maximum 20 delegates

Angella Makowe